The reason to come to your site is to purchase, not to abandon

Segmentation and personalization
The Retain product captures the user’s shopping card along with the browse and search history on your website in real time. This data can be used to create highly personalized emails that show the user’s shopping card items and relevant additional or complimentary products. One click and the user is redirected to the rebuilt card.

Responsive email templates
Responsive email templates allow you to run cross-device campaigns. Design your own template or choose your favourite template from our extensive template library. Our design team gladly supports you in creating top notch email creatives.

Post-purchase engagement
Post-purchase engagement enables you to extend your customer lifecycle, create brand loyalty, and increase the lifetime value of your customers by sending welcome, feedback request or replenishment email campaigns.

Monetize your otherwise lost customers

Pre-submit tracking
Real-time email capturing happens as your users enter their email addresses during the checkout process. It is the key to maximise your re-engagement email database.

Cascading campaigns
With cascading email campaigns you choose between single and multi-stage email sequences and determine their sending schedules.

A/B testing
A/B testing is the basis for the continuous improvement of your email campaigns. Sending multiple variations of an email creative shows you which creative performs better according to predefined KPIs like e.g. click-through rates.

Multi-channel compatibility
Retain TCX is embedded in the platform structure and accessible via the sidebar navigation with a single click. To support your multi-channel activities it can be combined with other external traffic sources and Target Circle add-ons.

Funnel visualization
We track every engagement your customers have and do not have during the checkout process to provide you with full insights about your checkout funnel enabling you to identify the crucial abandoning points.

Our solution is fully compliant with national and international data protection laws with regard to the capturing, storage and use of your visitors’ email addresses.

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