Mistargeting visibility
Real-time geo-targeting on country and city level as well as device targeting ensure that you only pay for correctly targeted transactions. Mistargeted transactions will be visible in your interface, but with zero payouts.

IP spoofing unmasking
Our unmasking technology uncovers proxies, virtual private networks (VPNs) and botnets used to spoof and abuse IPs in the attempt to circumvent your blacklists and fraud protection measures.

Fingerprint and cookie dropping detection
Fingerprint and cookie dropping lead to false budget attribution as you pay for organic traffic. The general marketing concept of Attention > Interest > Desire > Action (“AIDA”) does not apply, resulting in measurable statistical deviations.

Fraud protection is the starting point for any budget re-allocation and ROAS improvement

Origin tracing
Working with hundreds or even thousands of traffic sources bears a high risk of re-brokering and losing track where your traffic is actually coming from. Our click and impression referral capturing provides origin visibility and allows for compliance checks with your offer policies and T&Cs.

Incentivized traffic recognition
Incentivized customers engage recognizably different with your product or service than “normal”, non-incentivized customers. We capture those differences throughout the entire engagement process and flag undisclosed incentivized traffic sources.

Pattern identification
To make fraud a lucrative business it needs to be repetitive. The more re-occuring fraud patterns emerge and the more events are recorded the faster our machine learning algorithms detect those patterns. Even the most sophisticated fraudsters leave traces and can be held accountable.

Voucher code misuse tackling
We tackle the issue of voucher code misuse by enabling you to use unique voucher codes per publisher and basket freeze technology. Both features allow you to optimize your attribution model based on the added value of each traffic channel and source.

Fraud type disclosure
We disclose the fraud type(s) on offer, traffic source and even transaction level. Fraudulent sources can be paused and their delivered transactions can be declined immediately upon fraud detection. Reasons for transaction rejection can be disclosed to traffic sources to avoid discussions and legal disputes.

Brand reputation
Relentlessly fighting fraud improves your brand safety and reputation. Fraudsters will be less and less inclined to promote your offers while quality traffic sources will start or extend their cooperation with you due to higher budgets and payouts.

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