Mobile performance advertising does not have to be an endless circle of re-brokering

Consolidated traffic management
The Fuse product enables you to manage your direct and indirect sources (networks) in one place. With a single sign in you can connect to all sources on the platform regardless of how they signed up. You can connect every source to each of your offers with just one click.

Consolidated analytics
Our consolidated traffic management approach results in comprehensive, aggregated analytics for all your sources. Customizable reports give you a detailed overview of your sources and sub-sources as well as the origin of their traffic, in particular the source name and/or source ID and referrals.

Consolidated billing
We take care of the entire billing process from demand partner invoicing to publisher payments. While invoicing is done continuously, payments are conducted up to 4 times per month. Our finance module is audited and accredited to handle those mass transactions.

Consolidated and efficient source management tackles your time and resource constraints

Collective fraud protection
We capture, analyse and share traffic quality relevant data across all demand partners and offers. The underlying logic is that fraudsters harm all demand partners and can only be identified by means of collective business intelligence. In this way questionable sources can be spotted in real-time and excluded from your offers before causing (further) damage.

Budget efficiency
Traffic clean-up allows for an improved, more granular budget allocation where the right sources get the right payouts and less budget is lost to mediation, arbitrage and re-brokering.

Re-brokering visibility
Our database allows you to reconstruct parts of or even complete re-brokering chains. You can decide on a case-by-case basis how to deal with re-brokering, especially when it conflicts with your offer policies and T&Cs.

Unified processes
Fuse enables you to manage your sources, traffic, reports, budgets, payments and legal documents in one application. Best practices in terms of process and usability improvements are shared among all platform users. There is no more reason to learn a new system every other week.

Offer governance
The cooperation between you and all the direct and indirect sources you connect to is governed by our terms of use. Besides that you can add additional T&Cs to your offers or sign separate NDAs, IOs and/or agreements at your sole discretion. All legal documents will be stored by us and they are accessible for you at all times.

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