Turn window-shoppers into paying customers

Self-service interface
The Convert product is embedded in the platform structure and accessible via the sidebar navigation with a single click. It is built for self-service with dedicated Help sections explaining every step of the layover creation and set-up. The template library gives you access to a wide range of sample layovers. Feel free to use them or get inspired by them.

In-session tracking
We think that the success of an on-site remarketing solution should be measured by in-session conversions. Therefore our in-session tracking expires when the visitor terminates the session. Re-occuring visitors that return to your site within a specified timeframe do not see the layover again to avoid misuse.

Customizable whitelisting
Our whitelisting feature prevents that any layovers annoy your users or interrupt their seamless engagement with your site and product. It gives you the possibility to select the pages where you want to show the layovers (e.g. on the checkout page) and thereby makes all the difference when recovering abandoning customers.

Awesome tailoring features you will love

Multi-level layovers
Layovers with two steps or more increase the customer engagement and thereby the conversion probability. You can present your message in a more dynamic and exciting way that makes you stand out.

Lead generation
Use your layovers as an opt-in form to convert your visitors into leads by capturing their email address. Alternatively we give you the option to use other interactive elements such as timers or like buttons.

Layover templates
Design your own layover template or choose your favourite template from our extensive template library. We also gladly provide design and implementation support to make your Convert launch easier.

Layover triggers
Engage with your users while they are surfing your site (scroll trigger), not doing anything on your site (inactivity trigger) or intending to leave your site (exit trigger). All triggers can be applied separately or in combination.

Layover animations
The positioning and animations of your layovers can be customized to suit your website and audience perfectly. Your layovers will be unobtrusive and blending in to create a positive customer experience.

Tag implementation
Choose to implement the Convert tag separately or as part of our container tag on your website. In both cases it is only one line of java script that can be placed in seconds.

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